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Offers of Sponsorship and Donations, large or small,  are gratefully received as they help us meet the costs of keeping The National Careline going and this ensures that the site is there for others when they need to use it.

When people need our services, they are often at crisis points in their lives and need access to good quality advice and guidance but, despite the efforts of many organisations, this still difficult to access, leaving many of those needing care not receiving the assistance they require.

It was to address this problem that The National Careline was formed with the intention of it being an information gateway assisting people to find sources of information and practical support and advice.  

This includes information on what help is available and how to access it, funding issues and where to access financial support; a point which is especially important for those who are able to fund their care from savings initially but must consider what will happen when, or if, those resources are exhausted and they need to fall back onto the state to fund their care.

Our assistance is provided by a helpline on 0800 0699 784, by email, or by signposting to the relevant organisation able to provide the information and help required.

We receive calls on a daily basis from all over the country from people needing help and information and, as the cuts in services bite, the sources of free information are becoming fewer and farther between. We receive no grant funding and raise monies ourselves by putting on information shows. We also receive donations from those we help, but we need money to do more.

For those looking for a reliable source of information on care and care costs, perhaps you may be interested in using the established services of The National Careline to provide an information/helpline service for your clients. This would save you the cost of having to do this yourselves, would also ensure that any information given would come from a totally independent source. This arrangement could also provide an income for The National Careline.

Please can you help us to do this as we can’t do this without your help? Call us on 08000 699 784, or email us on

Thank you.