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Disability Network

Disability Network is an organisation which is dedicated to promoting equality for disabled people in the UK.

It has sections containing lots of helpful information on the following topics:- Employment, Healthy Lifestyle, Home and Housing, Debate - a discussion site, Disabled Dating and Travel. 

The Disability Network is dedicated to ensuring that disabled people have immediate access to all relevant information, resources and advice that the web can offer. They are dedicated to promoting equality for disabled people in the UK.

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In these times of high unemployment it is difficult enough for fit people to gain employment but it is many times more so for those who have a disability and this is where The Disability Jobsite comes to the fore. is committed to helping employers recruit the best talent. We are passionate about helping people with a disability gain employment because of the real difference it makes to their lives.

The site is developing a variety of resources and networks to enhance opportunities for employment in for people with a disability. The Jobsite assists users to participate actively in employment and we play a critical role in supporting disabled people on the pathway to work.

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